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Sully Animal Hospital
Surgical Information


  • Sully Animal has expanded our services to offer cost effective veterinary surgeries for your pets.  Our goal is to provide our clients with the best surgical and medical veterinary treatments available at an affordable price.
  • Sully is an AHHA Accredited hospital and holds a high standard of quality care to ensure the safety of your pet and others while at our facility. 
  • All pets are required to come in for a Pre- Surgical Doctor exam:  You and your pet will be able to meet the doctor, go over the surgery, and the veterinarian will provide a thorough assessment on what is needed, the details of the surgery, what to expect, and expected recovery.


All surgeries listed will include: 

  • Certified Veterinarians and Licensed Veterinary Technicians (LVT) will be tending to your pet
  • Individualized general anesthetic plan based on age, body type, and breed
  • Vital sign monitoring by professional care team members
    • (The monitor is 7 parameters –EKG, Heart rate, Blood pressure, CO2, Respiratory, Temperature, SPO2). This closely monitors pets vitals under anesthesia, just like humans are provided under anesthesia.
    • Every Pet receives Intravenous catheters (IV) and fluids.  This will help keep them hydrated during surgery, and blood pressure at a normal range.   Also excess to the pets vein for pain medication.
    • These parameters, catheters, and fluids provide the best in quality care for your pet.
  • Pre- and post- operative pain medication to ensure that our patients remain comfortable both during and after the procedure
  • After surgery each patient is kept warm with a heated blanket system. This helps keep their temperature at a normal level and recover from anesthesia better
  • All post-op rechecks and suture removals are included in our pricing.


Pre Surgical Doctor Exam: Required

  • All pets need to be up to date on the following vaccines
    • Dogs:  DHPP, Bordetella and Rabies,
    • Cats:   FVRCP and Rabies
    • (This is to protect your pets and other patients coming in and out of the hospital from contagious and deadly diseases.  If they are not up to date we do offer these services as well.)


Bloodwork: NOT INCLUDED IN PRICE of veterinary surgery

  • We highly recommend blood-work; this helps the Veterinarian make sure all organ functions are normal and a complete Blood count (CBC) which checks for anemic, platelet function for clotting for surgery, and White blood cells to rule out infection.   (It is an internal assessment of an animal before they undergo anesthesia)
  • Blood work for pets >7yrs old is required. (panel size is at the discretion of the doctor)



We send our biopsy's to a clinical pathologist for a histology review.  This cost is extra based on the extent of the review.


Pain Medication to go home: 

  • Pain medication is used during and after surgery, but we highly recommend pain medications to go home with pets to keep them comfortable for days after surgery.  



  • Are at the discretion of the Doctor.  Price varies based on type of surgery, type of antibiotic needed, and the size of pet



  • E-collars are Mandatory.  They help the patients not reopen or infect the surgery site. This is required for all pets.  Owners have 2 options.